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Boy oh boy am I excited to talk about manifestations and one important detail I believe was my key to being successful. It’s so funny because I truly had no idea what this word meant a few years ago. I first heard it while watching a popular youtube vlogger that I still love to this day. The vlogger made a vision board. The vision board was a way to have a clear path to making what she manifested come true. It was a crazy and interesting process to follow because she met every one of her manifestations within 1 year. This gave her a clear view and vision of what she needed to focus on daily and her goals were right there in front of her. The vision board was a physical one which she decorated with pretty colors and sayings then hung it in her living room as a daily reminder. This made her excited everyday as well as motivated. While I didn’t create a physical board, what I did was create boards on pinterest. This made it perfect for me to add to my vision board anytime of the day, wherever I was. I created many different categories which helped me keep all my ideas organized. I made one for my health, weight loss, my business, as well as one for my ideal relationship. The benefits have been amazing. I was able to clear myself from debt, start my own skincare line, manage my household alone better, improve my skin, and lose weight for a better Me! I highly recommend everyone having vision boards in order to have success in manifesting what you want for the short or long term.

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